For the discerning woman who is seeking luxury footwear with wearability, Marion Parke delivers shoes that are simultaneously innovative and chic. Her footwear collection is distinguished by its ability to seamlessly pair her patent pending insole with luxurious craftsmanship and modern style.

Alongside Italian master cobblers, Marion Parke creates original constructions that acknowledge the structure and function of the foot and ankle. Every style incorporates her unique insole, which is sculpted to follow the natural contour and curvature of the bottom of the foot.  With an arch support, added material to support the rearfoot and ankle, as well as medical grade material for cushioning that molds to the foot over time, Marion transforms the insole of a traditional luxury dress shoe into an orthotic. Her approach results in footwear with unparalleled fit and performance.

Marion Parke has partnered with Italian factories who have produced luxury footwear for generations. She seeks the highest quality materials to deliver shoes that are polished and empowering. The result is a collection of footwear that remains decidedly tasteful and discretely comfortable.