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Women of
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For Spring/Summer 2019, we asked six accomplished women in careers that require a lot of time on their feet to model Marion Parke and tell us what the phrase “more than just beautiful” means to them.

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Marion Parke Fiona White
Aditi Shah | Peloton yoga and meditation instructor, model and performer
Marion Parke

Meet Marion

“Women themselves can be both smart and beautiful. Now, our shoes can be too.”

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Arielle Patrick
One of the youngest senior executives in financial public relations

“The mere fact that Marion is featuring me and other women pushing boundaries in various industries says everything you need to know about the spirit of the brand. Marion Parke is made by women like us, for women like us.”

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Makeup Artist, Beauty Director, Creative Consultant

“As a makeup artist I am on my feet all the time. Marion Parke was kind of a revelation to me. Pregnant, in my third trimester, I felt heels were done for me. But these are so comfortable! I was shocked!”

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Gabrielle Hamilton
Chef and Owner Prune Restaurant NYC

“They are so well made that I felt secure… I love them for an evening out and won’t need to jam a secret pair of flip flops in my purse as an emergency.”

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